Wide Format Print Solutions

Improve the quality of your specialty media with Mac Copy’s wide format solutions in the Mohawk Valley and Central New York.

Wide Format Solutions from Mac Copy

Mac Copy has a long history of providing wide format print and production services. Our strategic partnership with Plan & Print gives us access to over 35 years of expertise. Plan & Print has helped schools, colleges, hospitals, retail industries, and fine art institutions to implement and maintain wide format printing services since 1982.

Wide Format Printing Applications

The applications where wide format printers serve modern industries include:

There are many new models of wide format printers to choose from, each with its own benefits and drawbacks. The primary determination for selecting a device depends on the exact business or organizational requirements. For engineering and architectural firms, a device that delivers the lowest cost per print will be necessary. Similarly, for print media producers, the quality of the productions will be key.

Modern Wide Format Printer Features

The latest models of wide format printer features include:

These pieces of equipment represent a significant investment for firms. Before making any decision, organizations should establish the business requirements and map them to the product features.

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Mac Copy’s Collection of Wide Format Printers

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HP DesignJet Series of Wide Format Printers

The HP DesignJet Series of printers delivers quality black and white (for CAD applications) or color (for vibrant presentations and images) wide format prints. HP’s DesignJet suite of products has a smaller physical footprint, more durable inks, and quicker production turnarounds.

KIP Wide Format Printers

KIP is a dedicated provider of wide format printing technologies. They manufacture both monochrome and color models that come in compact designs. The devices come with Contact Control Technology and operate reliably without any compromise in quality.

Canon imagePROGRAF Range of Wide Format Printers

There is no reason to compromise with the Canon imagePROGRAF range of devices. Canon imagePROGRAF printers by design serve specific wide format needs. Solutions include professional photography and fine arts, production-grade infographics and signage, as well as technical document and general use models. They also provide a multifunction imagePROGRAF MFP range of solutions.

Wide Format Scanning Devices

Mac Copy provides wide format scanning solutions from Contex. These scanners come in entry-level, precision, and productivity ranges. We also provide Bookeye book scanners for digitization projects. For any kind of specialty scanning and data capturing solution, our consultants can help you to choose the right scanning device.

Mac Copy for all your Wide Format Printing and Scanning Solutions

Mac Copy has provided dedicated services to the Mohawk Valley and Central New York region since 1992. As a part of the local community, we strive to create lasting relationships with our customers and offer an open and transparent service for each of our clients.

If you need any extra advice regarding any of our products or services, contact our office in Syracuse, New York today.

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