Remote Work Solutions

When you’re equipping your home office, there are quite a few things to consider. How secure is my remote workstation? Do I have the right printer for the work I need to do? Am I able to manage documents as good as I can in the office? What storage capability do I need? At Mac Copy, we have the answers to all those questions and more.


Buying a business class machine from Mac Copy gives you not only the right copier, printer or all-in-one for your needs and workflow, but also provides service after the sale – including local tech support.

Our Bizhub series of printers offer security and reliability for all your at-home printing needs. Read more about our Bizhub series of printers here:


Keeping your machines and documents safe and secure is much different in your remote work environment. Mac Copy can provide the peace of mind of having a secure workstation with their partnership with BIT Defender. We can set you up with the security solution that fits your specific document management setup.

Read more about BIT Defender here:


Storing important data can be more difficult in a remote work situation. If you have a workload that includes large content files, or you just need the security of storing your sensitive data in a secure location, Mac Copy has the storage solutions for you. You’ll need to know what storage solution best suits your needs for your remote setup. Read more about the differences between an SSD and HDD drive here:

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