These days, companies and consumers are becoming increasingly concerned with how their operations impact the environment. Many companies are choosing to embrace strategies like managed print services to reduce the amount of waste their produce.

Managed print services are well-known for their ability to reduce operational expenses, streamline an office environment, and provide access to necessary printing technology for a more affordable price. However, they’re also effective at reducing the carbon footprint of a business and supporting office sustainability initiatives.

The True Cost of a Print Environment

Printing is as natural to businesses as breathing is to people – so natural that it often goes unnoticed. However, printing expenses are notoriously difficult to control and are often the source of budget bloat that drives up a company’s bottom line.

Printing is a dynamic process that is difficult to observe without tracking software in place. There are also many more expenses than just machines, paper, and cartridges that offices don’t think about when tallying up the costs. The average print environment produces costs associated with energy consumption and waste:

  • Utility bills related to electricity usage: A printer may continuously run during the workday, and if inefficient devices are used, this can drive up the electric bill.
  • The wrong supplies getting purchased: It’s easy to purchase the wrong cartridges or an inappropriate paper type accidentally. These sit there, unusable.
  • Excessive printing: Unfettered access to the printers means that employees can print whatever they want, whenever – whether or not it’s for work purposes.
  • Environmental costs of cartridge production: Ink and toner cartridges are tremendously impactful, putting as much as 10.5 pounds of carbon dioxide into the air for every cartridge produced. Likewise, new cartridges are often much more expenses than recycled or remanufactured cartridges, driving up the costs (and impact) further.

How Managed Print Services Support a Green Office

Many of the sources of increased expenses in an office printing environment are also sources of waste. A managed print service can prove particularly valuable in reducing both while improving operational efficiency across an office. Managed print services support efficiency and sustainability with:

Better Access Control

Access control is foundational to a secure office environment. Whether physical or technical control, make sure that only authorized personnel are accessing printing resources for valid, work-related purposes. With a managed print service provider, offices enjoy:

  • Improved physical access control: Leverage login and credentialing methods to ensure that centralized printers are only used by individuals who need to use them.
  • Network security: Keep printers safe on the network by protecting them from unauthorized access with secure portals and segmented connections.

Inventory Management

There are so many different makes and models for printers, and each seems to require their own particular supplies. That makes it easy to purchase the wrong items or fail to secure the best possible price. A managed service provider assists with inventory management by:

  • Automating ordering and delivery: By tracking the office’s print usage, an MSP can automatically order and deliver supplies when they’re getting low. That keeps inventory from piling up in a closet or mysteriously disappearing.
  • Accessing bulk deals or sales: Managed print service providers develop relationships with vendors to access savings that are passed on to their clients. Enjoy the better prices for consumables without having to purchase extra.
  • Delivering the right devices: Having the wrong printer for the job hampers productivity as severely as having a broken one. An MSP can guide an office towards energy-efficient, low-carbon-footprint devices that are appropriate for the printing load.

Cartridge Recycling

Cartridges consist of steel and heavy plastics, built for withstanding the rigors of the printing process. Because of this, one can be recycle, refill, and resell cartridges several times before the end of their lifespan. Over the past decade, cartridge recycling has surged in popularity.

Remanufactured cartridges are entirely legal, despite some manufacturers’ attempts to convince consumers otherwise. A managed service provider can guide a company towards reputable remanufacturers to help reduce the number of new cartridges produced each year.

Usage Reduction

The best way to reduce the environmental impact of printing is to reduce printing altogether. A managed service provider can show companies how to reduce their reliance on the printers, adopt electronic document systems, and implement paper-saving settings.

Enjoy Sustainability with Managed Print Services From Mac Copy

Introducing managed print services is a smart move for companies looking to save money, improve operational efficiency, and reduce their environmental footprint. For companies in New York, a state leading the way in sustainability, emphasizing green office practices represents a competitive edge. Consumers expect businesses to care about their environmental impacts, and companies that reflect this concern will thrive.

Mac Copy helps companies attain sustainable operational efficiency. Get started now with a greener office.

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