Let’s face it; work-from-home employees, remote work, and single office/home office (SOHO) setups are the wave of the future. As businesses reorganize workflows and business processes to deal with the need for social distancing and new health and safety standards predicated by the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, work-from-home positions or a hybrid mix of remote and in-office staff are becoming the new norm. While it is easy to see what office equipment is necessary for in-house staff, many companies are having difficulty deciding who should pay for what, leading some remote workers to purchase their own equipment from their local big box store. While the local Office Depot or OfficeMax might be convenient, there are many reasons why purchasing needed equipment like printers, multifunction printers, scanners, copiers, or other office technology from these giants might not be the best choice.

Going SOHO? Get a Better Deal from Your Local Office Equipment Provider

If you are working from home, you need printers and other office equipment that are reliable and cost-effective. Buying your equipment from a local office equipment dealer offers you a number of advantages over big-box stores, such as:

The Right Equipment for the Right Price

The local big-box store will sell you anything you want — even if you don’t need it. A local office equipment dealer, however, has the tools to sit down with you and analyze your needs in detail. This in-depth analysis is the key to getting the exact equipment you need to perform your tasks, without paying for costly extras that simply inflate the cost of ownership without helping you realize extra benefit.

Support and Service After the Sale

After you purchase your equipment from a big-box store, you are on your own — literally. Any problems or repairs to your machines must often go through a warranty center contacted through the manufacturer. Customer service is often not a priority for your big-box store — their relationship with you ends after the sale. A local dealership, however, is standing by to provide all the service and support required, for as long as you own your equipment. Even more importantly, you can establish a relationship with the techs at your local dealership, who will have expert knowledge of your equipment and understand your goals.

Helping Your Community

Purchasing equipment from a local dealer isn’t just important for your business, but your local economy. Buying local is a critical factor in supporting the economic health of your community. Small businesses like office equipment dealers provide jobs in your community, work with local banks and other local service providers to stimulate more economic activity, and contribute money and manpower to charities and other organizations that help local communities thrive.

Trust Mac Copy to Prepare and Serve Your SOHO Setup

Sometimes, it can be very difficult to be in a remote or single office/home office situation. You may feel isolated, unsupported, and confused when it comes to choosing printers and other office equipment.

At Mac Copy, our team of equipment specialists can help! We’ll work to determine your needs and choose a cost-effective equipment purchasing strategy to meet them. Then, we’ll ensure that you have the proper service and support to keep you productive and frustration-free after the sale. Our technicians are highly skilled at working within any size budget to provide a small office the most advanced technology possible. We can help keep your SOHO functioning with more uptime, better compliance if that is a concern, and routine maintenance. If your equipment requires service, we provide skilled IT experts to assist you with repairs. Our help desk is also available to offer answers to common questions and live assistance when you need it. In fact, we are a Platinum Level Service Provider, meaning we’re committed to providing an outstanding customer experience and service excellence to all our clients — enterprises and SOHOs alike.

Make your next printer or office equipment purchase from a company you can trust. Contact a Mac Copy representative now and let our expert team help you find the perfect equipment for your needs.

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