For many non-essential businesses in the state of New York, phase 4 reopenings after extended coronavirus lockdowns are greatly anticipated. For small business owners and larger companies, the challenges of reopening businesses can be a bit daunting. “Business as usual” will not be the norm again. COVID-19 restrictions and health guidelines will be the new norm. What does phase 4 really mean for reopening businesses? Let’s look at what phase 4 entails, and how your business can navigate these new waters.

What Types of Businesses are Reopening Under Phase 4 in New York?

Under phase 4 guidelines, many non-essential businesses can reopen in New York under very strict regulations and guidelines. So, this means that media production facilities can open. “Low-risk” arts and entertainment venues are reopening with some massive changes in operations to protect from COVID-19. Sporting events are also being allowed – but without packed fans in the seats as per usual. Here is a list of businesses and organizations that can re-open according to the New York COVID-19 reopening website:

  • Higher Education
  • Pre-K to Grade 12 Schools
  • Low-Risk Outdoor Arts & Entertainment
  • Low-Risk Indoor Arts & Entertainment
  • Media Production
  • Professional Sports Competitions With No Fans
  • Malls
  • Gyms and Fitness Centers

The business requirements for each category include a long list of regulations that may seem daunting for a small business. Try not to let this discourage you. Setting up social distancing will not be so bad, and you can get help meeting other requirements. For example, air conditioning units and HVAC systems may need upgrades, as well as many other aspects of the business. Still, with some careful planning and help, your small business can not only survive but thrive in COVID-19 phase 4 reopening.

What Will Your Small Business Need to Successfully Reopen?

With phase 4 opening, your small business will need to follow a variety of protocols as defined by the state. These include disinfecting the premises on a regular basis. The timelines of these disinfectants will vary on industry and public access, but are outlined in specifics by the state of New York. For example, gyms can open private showers, but they must be disinfected after each use. Given the feasibility of staff being able to do this, it is likely some gyms will simply close their showers entirely. This points to a small business needing a strategy of what is essential vs. “nice-to-have” for reopening.

Many businesses will also be required to compile and manage a daily log of employees and visitors to help the state in contact tracing in the case of a new COVID-19 case. Additionally, employees may have to go through thorough health screening assessments. Visitors, clients, customers, and students may also need screening for COVID-19 symptoms. For this, consider using a technology solution such as OneScreen GoSafe, which can scan for high temperatures as well as proper mask usage.

COVID-19 Signage

An important part of COVID-19 phase 4 will be appropriate signs. Reopening businesses should have clear signage enforcing social distancing protocols, as well instructions such as hand washing reminders. These necessary elements to a safe reopening all must be in place prior to a small business reopening its doors under phase 4. This print signage will play a critical role in how your small business will fare with customers once the doors open, so don’t skimp! Signs should be easy to read and posted in well-lit areas.

Print and IT Solutions for Reopening Businesses

We’ve covered just a few of the necessary changes for reopening businesses, schools, and organizations. What your small business may need to do to comply with these regulations and guidelines will depend on its specific category. But in the least, you will likely need to have some COVID-19 health screening in place as well as appropriate signage. Mac Copy offers a variety of solutions to assist reopening businesses in phase 4. This includes wide-format printing for COVID-19 signage and decals, production print services for single-use menus and programs, and OneScreen GoSafe for easy temperature screening. Furthermore, we can help with document management solutions and digital workflows to help that part of your team that might still be working from home. Our consultants can help you with a reopening strategy, assessment, and plan.

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