Both K-12 and institutes of higher education have struggled over the past year as the coronavirus pandemic disrupted the industry. Many elementary and advanced students had to make the switch to remote learning — a strategy that was quite difficult for many budget-strapped school systems. But now that students are returning to the classroom, schools are finding their budgets depleted even further than usual.

For this reason alone, managed print services (MPS) can be the perfect adjunct for educational organizations. Paper, toner, and other print supplies cost money and replacing printers can be expensive, particularly if they fail before their predicted lifespan due to lack of maintenance. MPS provides a robust system of management that can identify and reduce print waste, optimize and maintain your fleet for a longer lifespan, and ensure your teachers and students have access to the printed materials they need for a more enriching in-school experience.

The Case for Managed Print for K-12 and Higher Education

One important benefit of managed print for school administrators is obvious — the cost of materials and equipment is factored into one low monthly cost, reducing the overall cost for leading-edge print infrastructure without sacrificing quality. But there are a number of other advantages, including:

Support, Support, Support

Most schools have a small, and often overburdened, IT department. Others have none at all. In either scenario, an MPS provider is the perfect stopgap to enhance support for your printer fleet. MPS includes not only predictive maintenance, but also troubleshooting and repairs. This level of support ensures that your teachers and students have access to working equipment on demand to keep that pace of learning and productivity high.

Predictive Maintenance

When your printer fleet is correctly maintained, you can increase its lifespan, saving you money in the long run. Print management programs do just that. By installing software that remotely monitors the health of your devices, MPS can detect — and correct — maintenance issues before they cause downtime or affect the life of your printer.

In addition, this software ensures supplies are replenished automatically at the proper time, reducing the administrative burden on staff — and your budget — that comes with manually placing supply orders and storing extra supplies on site.

Customizable Options and Waste Reduction

In a K-12 environment, teachers and parent volunteers are the big users of print devices. That means they need user-friendly machines that can help prepare materials for learning quickly and reliably. In contrast, college level organizations see both teachers and students accessing print infrastructure. At that level, MPS can not only add mobile printing to assist students on tight deadlines with getting the print services they need but can also assist universities in creating profit from their copy centers since each page printed or copied is a fixed cost under an MPS contract.

Finally, MPS can track specific print jobs by user or department, allowing administrators to gain insight into print usage and detect personal print jobs completed on school printers. By educating print users about the cost of such jobs, schools can reduce the waste caused by unnecessary printing.

Secure Printing

With a lot of personal information on file, schools are held to high standards when it comes to data and privacy regulations. An MPS will ensure your school is compliant with HIPAA, FERPA, and any other regulations. In addition, it provides a number of cybersecurity protocols such as authentications, encryptions, and more to detect and prevent data breaches.

Mac Copy Can Help Your School Get Started with MPS

At Mac Copy, we help our education clients align their print infrastructure needs and goals with their budgetary requirements with our robust managed print services (MPS) program. By cultivating a deep understanding of your school’s current operating environment as well as the challenges you are facing, we can design and deploy a custom-tailored MPS strategy.

Besides meeting your current needs, our goals is to develop a strategy that is agile, flexible, and can grow with your school’s requirements over time. By presenting a big-picture strategy, we can offer our education clients a cost-effective, frustration-free way to expand and enhance their print environment for today — and beyond.

Get a custom-tailored MPS solution that is the perfect fit for your school.  Contact a Mac Copy representative today and learn how our document management systems can revolutionize your nursing home facility.

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