School budgets are often complex — and in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, they’ve only become more complicated. Schools are now struggling to make room in budgets for new technologies that have become necessities. For example, providing online learning environments and other services that help students stay connected are becoming a necessary tool, even in schools that have reopened for in-person instruction. To gain access to these and other learning advantages for their students, schools must look for new ways to control costs and concentrate on implementing strategies to help achieve their fiscal goals.

That’s why more schools are turning to managed print services (MPS) to keep their budgets in line while providing much-needed print support.  The best MPS providers partner with organizations like Konica Minolta that know how to best manage the exact solutions for educational facilities. They also offer features including Rules Based Printing, Secure Follow You Printing, and mobile printing from phone, tablet or iPad.

The Many Benefits of Managed Print for Education Organizations

Schools have to keep up with both new technology for learning — such as remote learning options — and technological changes to the educational office environment. This includes managing print tasks such as purchasing supplies, keeping machines maintained and operational, handling confidential data, and more.

Some benefits managed print offers education can be realized quickly, while others reap long term results.

The Short-Term Benefits of Managed Print for Education

In today’s school purchasing environment, budgets are often stretched thin — so stretched, in fact, that many teachers use their own money to buy necessary supplies. That means that supplies of ink, toner, and paper are sometimes low — or nonexistent — leaving teachers in the lurch when they need to print handouts, schedules, or other learning materials for their classes.

Managed print services (MPS) offer schools the opportunity to have the right supplies in place — automatically — when they are needed. Using leading-edge analytics, MPS determines when printers need toner or ink, and ensures automatic supply replenishment at the right times. This cuts down on the over-purchasing of supplies, and the need to give up valuable floor space for storage. Most importantly, it ensures teaching staff always have a functional printer at their fingertips.

In addition to supplying ink and toner resources, MPS also ensures regularly conducted maintenance. This proper maintenance schedule is imperative to reduce costly downtime, and keep machines running at peak performance.

The Long-Term Benefits of Managed Print for Education

In the long term, MPS can provide even greater benefits for the educational environment. Implementing MPS leads to controlled waste, reduced costs, and increased security. For example, some students and teachers print personal jobs on the school’s printers. This costs schools thousands of dollars in wear-and-tear, ink, and paper supplies. Alternately, some users print jobs and then decide they don’t need them. This creates waste and — worse yet — potentially exposes sensitive data to theft if papers are left in an output tray.

MPS not only allows schools to track printer usage, but they also allow for a “pull printing” feature. In this process, a print job is held in the queue until an authorized person comes to collect it. If they decide they don’t need the print, no supplies are wasted, and no data is left exposed.

Mac Copy Has Leading-Edge Managed Print Services

At Mac Copy, we work to provide our education clients protection from rising print costs. We get results by pinpointing areas of improvement and providing clear visibility into print expenses. Using our leading-edge analytics, purchasing departments and administrators can target print waste, prevent unauthorized access and use of print devices, and ensure that every department’s printer is fully functional — and supplied — whenever it is needed.

Through our partnership with Konica Minolta, our print experts can assess your school’s current print infrastructure. Through our inspection, we can find opportunities to optimize your printer fleet, and provide on-target maintenance and automated supply ordering to bring your organization savings of both time and money. And, our team is always standing by to help you troubleshoot and solve printer issues. Let us help ensure your staff has the print support they need to bring cutting-edge learning to your student population.

Get the short- and long-term benefits of managed print for your educational organization.  Contact a Mac Copy representative today and discover how our managed print services can help save you both time and money.

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