Printing technology is one of the most rapidly developing industries out there – it’s pretty amazing. In the past year, leading-edge manufacturers have thrilled dealers with startling new features, including experimental inks, more sophisticated finishing options, and improved accessibility of advanced printing features. Now, there’s even more excitement – this time centered on the wonderful wide-format printer. The Epson wide-format printer is part of an ongoing trend in the printing industry to bring more powerful printing powers to the hands of regular businesses. Has the office been eying an entry-level production printer or other exciting, specialized device? Consider a Small-In-One – it does everything an office needs, and bigger.

Introducing Small-In-One: The Next Generation of Wide Format

Once reserved for graphics design companies and offices with demanding print environments, wide-format printing is rapidly making its way into mainstream office printing environments. Several key advancements in this technology over the past two years have made the hardware much more cost-effective to produce. As a result, leading brands like Epson are paving the way with entry-level wide-format printers that bring impeccable print quality at larger paper sizes to companies that might have otherwise passed on the technology at all.

Epson’s latest addition to the market is the Expression Photo XP-970 printer – lovingly referred to as the Small-In-One printer. In a departure from other wide-format printers, it marries the versatility of an office MFP with the photo quality the brand built its name around and the power of a wide-format printer. It’s exactly what small offices need if they want to harness the power of wide-format printing, but don’t have space – or the funds – to do so.

What Makes the Epson Expression Photo XP-970 So Great?

The Epson Expression Photo XP-970 Small-In-One printer is truly a first of its kind due to its size, ease of use, and versatility. Epson loaded it with all the best goodies, including:

  • Professional-quality prints with more versatility than ever. Get professional-quality borderless photos up to 11-inches by 17-inches. The printer takes both standard and specialty papers and offers the ability to print directly to CDs and DVDs.
  • Unparalleled ink quality. The proprietary Claria® Photo HD Inks deliver unparalleled vibrancy, smooth gradations, and stunning tones that rival those of even the most high-end production printers.
  • Improved speed. Inkjets – and photo printers – are notoriously slow. Not this one! Get photo-sized prints in as fast as 11 seconds.
  • Innovative design. From the new, fold-over scan lid design that holds original still to the 4.3-inch touchscreen that makes it easy to print without a computer, enjoy improved accessibility. It even comes with voice-activated printing for the true multi-taskers.
  • Cloud connectivity. Most offices need their printers to do more than just print. With this one, offices can scan directly to the cloud for easy document sharing.
  • Advanced photo features. Photo restoration, red-eye removal, and color adjustment are all possible from the touchscreen.
  • Compact footprint. Wide-format printers aren’t known for being compact, but this one breaks the mold. Small enough to go on a desktop, an office can enjoy wide-format printing without the space commitment of a larger machine.

Who Should Get the New Expression Photo XP-970?

The ability to print stunning photos has many critical advantages in business. Consider investing in a Small-In-One printer if the office:

  • Would benefit from larger print sizes without committing to a specialized device. Wide-format printers are specialized, robust devices that deliver more power than most offices need. Epson’s new Small-In-One is small enough for an office but powerful enough for a higher printing capacity.
  • Wants to take its marketing into its own hands. When it comes to advertising collateral, bigger is better. This machine delivers larger, more beautiful prints without hassle.
  • Routinely prints professional-quality photos. If professional photos are a requirement, consider Epson’s new printer. It’s versatile without being challenging to use.
  • It doesn’t have the funds to invest in a commercial wide-format printer but wants the power. The Small-In-One printer retails at an impressively economical price, much like the rest of Epson’s inkjets.

Get the Latest Wide-Format Printer From Mac Copy

Printers are a sizeable investment for any company, to be sure. As a result, many companies are inclined to hang onto their device as long as possible, even if they’ve outgrown it or it no longer meets the needs of the office. The release of Epson’s Small-In-One wide-format printer series is yet another step towards a future where powerful printing technology is not just readily available, but affordable. Is the office due for a new printer soon? Think about a Small-In-One printer – it may just be the cost-effective upgrade that was needed.

Mac Copy helps businesses in New York access powerful, affordable printing technology. Contact us today to discuss whether Epson’s Small-In-One printer series is right for you.

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