Every business faces challenges in today’s climate of increasingly mobile work teams and personnel who are working remotely. With current pandemic issues, administrators are also seeking ways to minimize personal contact and protect both employees and visitors from unnecessary exposure. For many New York companies, the employee on the front lines is the receptionist who greets visitors and announces their arrival to the appropriate parties. Visitors could be vendors, prospective employees, or customers, providing your opportunity to make a positive first impression of both your company and the individual at the front desk.

Making the Best Impression with Technology

ALICE Receptionist is your new virtual receptionist that makes visitors welcome without the typical physical contact. Every company is now treating direct contact with caution due to the need for “social distancing” from one another in recent months.


ALICE is A Live Interactive Customer Experience. ALICE works to provide a consistent method of using technology to manage business visitors, customers, and salespersons effectively. Located in your lobby as the first contact with your business, ALICE is a touch screen display that utilizes a simple, user-friendly interface.  Users are guided through a live video interface to connect with your employees with 1-way or 2-way video communications.

Implement ALICE in a self-service mode to allow visitors to locate and contact resources through a simple touch screen directory, or in operator mode where ALICE will notify a designated operator of the presence of a visitor. ALICE showcases how innovation and technology from Konica Minolta blend to offer both convenience and security for businesses of all sizes and industries. Custom HTML pages can also be implemented, to present visitors with facility maps, calendars and locations of meetings or special events, and company announcements.

What ALICE Does for Business

ALICE Receptionist provides many advantages for businesses and government offices by:

  • Presenting a consistent, professional experience whether your office is a single location, or includes multiple facilities
  • Promoting safety by distancing personnel from visitors when necessary
  • Utilizing touch screen technology to provide accurate information and facilitate video communication
  • Improving security – always know at a glance who is in the building, and who they’re meeting with
  • Eliminating the need for a full-time receptionist
  • Staffing your front office with a virtual employee who never calls in sick, does not participate in office gossip, and is always courteous – no mood swings or bad days
  • Screening visitors and eliminating unwanted interruptions
  • Managing and speed guest check-in, including creating visitor badges

When businesses have expanded the use of remote workers and employ a mobile workforce, ALICE can still provide contact and interaction with staff through ALICE Receptionist. ALICE records visitor check-in/check-out and provides comprehensive logs and reporting functions. This increases safety and security through the visibility of all visitor activity.

ALICE Receptionist Features

ALICE is flexible. Select from several virtual personalities in English, or utilize one of 7 other personalities available in either Spanish, German, French, Portuguese, Dutch, Japanese, or Chinese. ALICE also comes with motion detection for prompt recognition of visitors entering “her” vicinity. ALICE offers each guest a prerecorded video greeting. For added security, add features such as credential capture to scan visitors’ personal identification.

ALICE is a skilled communicator and can contact employees anywhere, using a variety of methods to connect visitors with employees:

  • Desk or softphone contact
  • ALICE client software
  • Mobile phones
  • Skype for Business

With a push of a button, employees are presented with a live video feed of the guest and lobby. Then, just one more click of the “answer” button establishes a 2-way video connection.

Provide your guests with easy-to-navigate touch screens that offer important information:

  • Company directories by individual or department
  • Custom forms for entering visitor information and checking in
  • Employee images or videos
  • Company website
  • Additional welcome videos or recorded information such as COVID-19 policies

Guest scheduling is also simplified for your employees. When scheduling a guest visit, send an email and cc: ALICE. ALICE will then note the scheduled visit and email the visitor with a code they can use to pre-enter the information needed to speed check-in. The CSV import feature can also accommodate group visits.

Make ALICE Receptionist Your First Contact with Visitors

Put ALICE Receptionist to work for your company to gain the advantages technology has to offer:

  • Consistent and reliable contact for every guest
  • Modern appearance and impressive use of technology
  • Ease of connecting with employees and locating relevant information
  • Secure management of visitors to your facility
  • Safety in isolating visitors from employees unless they prefer direct contact
  • Not all visitors are expected or desired – ALICE permits screening and avoids wasted demand for employees’ time

Mac Copy offers leading technology from Konica Minolta to provide New York businesses, government agencies, and other organizations with solutions to promote both safety and efficiency in the workplace. Let us help you discover the many benefits of implementing ALICE Receptionist.

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