Cybersecurity is a major concern for any business operating in todays connected world. With more connected devices being used, clever hackers finding new ways to attack devices, and costs of cybersecurity incidents rising; it’s no wonder device manufacturers are taking steps to deliver peace of mind to their clients. Konica Minolta, a widely respected brand in business printers and other office products, has put time, effort, and money into ensuring the security of their devices. With this, they have set the bar for other manufacturers looking to ease cybersecurity concerns of businesses around the world.

The Bizhub multifunction printers, or MFPs, are regarded as being among the leaders in the industry. These powerful connected printers come packed with cutting edge features to help businesses become more productive. In order to further cement their position as leaders in the marketplace, Konica Minolta undertook steps to improve and test cybersecurity on their popular connected MFP line.

Compliance is Key

Businesses need to be sure the devices they are using are going to protect the data that passes through them. This is especially important in industries like health care, law, finance, and any other business dealing with sensitive client information. Many of these industries have strict privacy regulations they must follow with regards to client data. For example, healthcare businesses are held to privacy standards set out by HIPAA. A breach under HIPAA would obviously lead to upset clients and reputational loss as well as significant monetary penalties.

In order to ensure industry leading security, Konica Minolta designed their MFPs to be compliant with some of the strictest compliance requirements set out through HIPAA, PCI, FERPA, and GDPR. In addition to meeting the security and privacy regulations of the aforementioned bodies, Konica Minolta engaged in rigorous internal cybersecurity testing to ensure the security of their printers. Businesses that choose to use Konica Minolta devices can be confident they are using compliant devices.

Bring in the Cavalry

Internal cybersecurity testing is a great step to take for any manufacturer. However, Konica Minolta wanted to take their commitment to cybersecurity one step further and look outside the company for help in ensuring their MFPs are truly secure. For this, they contracted NTT Ltd. to complete penetration testing in order to identify any security risks that may have been missed by internal testing.

The security division of NTT Ltd. was given printers from Konica Minolta as well as the source code for the devices. This is the backbone code used by the devices in everything they do. NTT Ltd. had everything they would need to launch an aggressive penetration test in order to see if they could breach the security of the multifunction printers provided.

After 80-hours of hacking attempts, engineers were unable to breach the security of the devices. This was a massive success for Konica Minolta and an important vote of confidence to businesses considering their MFPs due to their commitment to cybersecurity.

Pushing Forward

As a leader in the industry, Konica Minolta has refused to rest on its laurels. They are the number one brand for customer loyalty in the MFP office market and they have worked for every bit of that recognition. This additional step to prove the security of their devices is just one example of that.

“More and more frequently, our clients are asking us for penetration tests of our products, but I don’t know of a competitor that has contracted a Fortune 500 company with the penetration testing capabilities that NTT DATA has,” said Chris Bilello, a VP with Konica Minolta.

That eagerness to prove their product against an unprecedented test shows just how much Konica Minolta is committed to security and why businesses can feel confident deploying their devices.

Experience Konica Minolta’s Cybersecurity Commitment

As mentioned, cybersecurity is top of mind for many businesses around the world. Konica Minolta has proven their ability to deliver secure devices with industry leading features that forward thinking businesses are looking for.

To learn more about their groundbreaking line of MFPs or to see them in action, contact the print experts at Mac Copy today.