Today’s healthcare organizations are facing significant challenges as they move into 2021. Many strain to provide protection against ever-increasing cybersecurity threats and protect confidential data in compliance with a host of government data privacy regulations. Others flounder as they try to control, protect, and manage electronic health records (EHRs). In fact, up to 72% of hospital administrators said that their EHRs were not presented in a useful format, rendering them difficult to manage. Another survey of providers found that 93% of them wanted on-demand EHR data using mobile, cloud-based solutions to make access to critical information easier, no matter where the provider or patient is located.

While quick-access scenarios have obvious benefits, they carry increased risk of data exposure if EHRs aren’t properly protected. Cybersecurity attacks and vulnerabilities exist for every healthcare organization. Therefore, data security should be considered an integral part of the organization’s overall framework rather than as a stand-alone issue. Enter Konica Minolta’s revolutionary Dispatcher Paragon app — a secure print release application that has been released to work closely with the Epic EHR. As America’s preeminent EHR software provider, Epic’s App Orchard marketplace has only endorsed two office equipment manufacturers (OEMs) to date. This makes Konica Minolta’s healthcare tech-focused software a standout addition to any medical environment.

The Benefits of Konica Minolta’s Dispatcher Paragon for Healthcare Organizations

Konica Minolta is committed to secure print management solutions facilitating control, management, and productivity for the end user. Their inclusion in the App Orchard marketplace underscores the success of this commitment. The Dispatcher Paragon software has long been hailed as an important way to help companies manage print and workflows with efficiency to optimize efficiencies and amplify productivity. Now, Dispatcher Paragon offers EHR-integrated solutions to targeted challenges such as reducing non secure access to patient records while increasing the ease of access to information that can increase the quality of patient care. Dispatcher works together with Epic EHR by:

Providing Compliance with HIPAA and HITECH

Dispatcher Paragon supports pull print workflow from within the Epic framework to satisfy compliance requirements with regard to electronic personal health information (ePHI) and personally identifiable information (PII). The software allows holding jobs at the printer until an authorized person arrives with a specific release code. Unneeded jobs can be automatically and permanently deleted from the printer queue at a specific time interval.

Auditing and Reporting

To help providers track all print service activity, Dispatcher Paragon can generate comprehensive reports that outline print activity by user. This includes both which documents were printed, and which printers were used. The software also provides complete audit logs and accounting of all scan and copy activities. Paragon’s auditing abilites help to secure data, reduce waste, and encourage responsible use.

Amplified Productivity

Pull printing with Dispatcher Paragon is more than just secure printing — it’s a way to increase productivity and maximize staff efficiency. Using this feature, staff can scan, copy, or print necessary documents from any printer in the network to reduce time lost running to a specific area to print. The cloud-based Telehealth and Telemedicine platform further improves access for better patient care.

Let Mac Copy and Konica Minolta Help Your Healthcare Organization Thrive

As the coronavirus pandemic continues to impact the United States, healthcare organizations are still struggling. They must provide a high level of patient care while juggling the responsibilities of patient information security and cost control. For healthcare providers working within compliance and regulation frameworks through this crisis, programs like Dispatcher Paragon can be a godsend. The right program can optimize workflows and keep staff focused on their mission — quality patient care.

With built-in security and control for printing, Dispatcher Paragon allows print, scanning, and copying from any printer in the network. Complete necessary printing without worrying about the print job sitting in the output tray — an easy target for malicious parties. Using the Dispatcher program provides endpoint to endpoint data protection for the highest level of security, compliance, and peace of mind.

Discover the benefits of using Dispatcher Paragon with your Epic EHR system. Contact a Mac Copy representative now and get started with this innovative new software.

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