Thinking about upgrading a classroom or lecture hall? An interactive whiteboard may be just the update it needs. One of the most popular pieces of education technology (EdTech) sweeping across the country, they’re unlocking new ways to deliver lessons and drive engagement among students. From smartphones to laptops and more, students are awash in technology every day. Yet, education has long held out from adopting a similar approach. Many classrooms around the country still rely on dated technology and physical materials to present their lessons. These outdated resources create a disadvantage both for schools struggling to stay current, and the students they’re supposed to be preparing for the future. Some 90 percent of careers require digital skills and familiarity with technology. Schools can help students prepare for this reality through the adoption of modern EdTech.

How an Interactive Whiteboard Drives Student Engagement

An interactive whiteboard is an interactive display loaded with smartboard software so that an audience can engage with materials on the screen. They’re already incredibly popular in the business world, where companies are discovering that they unlock creativity and collaborative potential. In a classroom, they’re also a powerful tool to drive student engagement. Interactive whiteboards:

Support Active Learning

Active learning is the process of learning through interactivity. There’s a lot of research supporting the claim that interactivity improves student learning. This 2013 study found that interactivity is one of the biggest indicators of a thriving learning environment. When students work with the material, they not only remember it better but report feeling more empowered by the experience. An interactive whiteboard, therefore, helps students absorb and process new information in a way that truly sticks.

Make It Easier to Stay Connected with the Lesson

An interactive whiteboard is much more than merely a smartboard or a screen that can be written on with fancy pens. One of the reasons they’ve become so popular in other environments is their WiFi connectivity. As a result, these devices can take advantage of the cornucopia of apps and features available on the internet. For students, that means:

  • Better access to materials. With a properly configured interactive whiteboard, it’s a breeze to print them out, upload materials to Google Drive, Blackboard, or another service to quickly disseminate files for further study.
  • Syncing to personal devices. Laptops and tablets are no longer out of place in a classroom. Students can follow along easily on their own devices.
  • Quicker feedback from teachers. Interactive whiteboards operate in real-time so teachers and students can exchange information immediately if there are questions or problems.

Accommodate Multiple Learning Styles

At its core, EdTech aims to help students access data in a way that they can understand. Rather than an overhead projector, which is solely visual, interactive whiteboards can accommodate audio, visual, and kinetic learning. Likewise, it becomes much easier to adjust materials and formats to accommodate potential learning challenges such as visual or audio impairment. As a result, an interactive whiteboard can make a classroom much more dynamic and inclusive, benefiting everyone in the long run.

Meet Student Expectations

The lagging state of technology has irked students for a long time – many believe that school environments don’t adequately reflect the future that they should be preparing for. Paper and pen assignments are likewise out of touch with the reality of the digital world. In contrast, an interactive whiteboard is one way that schools can send a strong message regarding its desire and ability to meet the expectations – and needs – of students moving into a digital workforce.

Foster Collaboration

Organizational culture experts regard the ability to collaborate as one of the most essential skills of professionals in the modern business environment. Collaboration is fundamental to driving innovation and improving productivity, but it’s a soft skill that can only really be learned through practice. An interactive whiteboard is a chance for students to learn how to collaborate on lessons and projects.

Create a Modern Classroom with the Help of Mac Copy

Thanks to advances in education technology, there are so many new options available for teachers and students. Many of these options, like the interactive whiteboard, are capable of enhancing the learning experience far beyond what was previously possible. As a result, students can enjoy an enriched environment that reflects the future they’re being prepared for, while teachers leverage these same tools to improve their efficiency and reduce their workload. In this environment, everyone wins and grows towards success.

Mac Copy helps education institutions in New York adopt the best technology to serve their students and support their staff. Start a conversation with us today to explore your options.

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