When it comes to print environments, few present more challenges than those found on campuses. School printing environments are dynamic and demanding, with shifting needs that change from term to term. However, education quality often hinges on the ability of administrators, faculty, and students to print the materials they need. Because of this, having the right solutions is critical. Managed print services can be exactly what a school needs to keep its print environment optimized and effective. Read on to discover the many reasons why schools from elementary level to university trust managed print service providers to help them meet student needs.

School Printing Needs Change: Start Anticipating Them Now

It’s hard to imagine a school where printing doesn’t play a major role in the educational experience. Whether it’s printing off reams of required reading or rushing to print an essay before class, schools need robust and reliable printers to keep daily lessons running smoothly. However, unlike other organizations with demanding print environments, school printing needs to fluctuate. Student enrollment, the types of classes offered, the availability of online courses, and the embrace of digital tools by teachers all impact how heavily printers are used. That can make it difficult for a school to gauge whether or not printers can adequately meet the needs of the student and faculty bodies – and whether they’ll continue to do so in the future.

Although the next school year remains some months away, it’s important to begin anticipating how the print demand might change. Starting now enables a school to:

  • Implement print tracking to get a sense of how much printing occurs, as well as how it changes over time.
  • Identify factors that increase or decrease the print load, such as whether certain classes rely more on the printers than others.
  • Conduct an assessment with a managed print service provider to discover blind spots, bottlenecks, or other areas for improvement.

5 Ways an MPS Can Alleviate Pain Points in Campus Printing

Many managed print service providers are experienced at handling the unique printing challenges faced by schools. A good MPS can help alleviate the many pain points in campus printing by introducing:

1. Scalability

Printing needs change, and the printers need to handle it. A managed print service provider with experience in campus print environments can implement scalable, flexible solutions. This may include:

  • Multifunction printers: These versatile, powerful, efficient machines are a cost-effective way to acquire printing power without breaking the budget.
  • Integration software: Support all educational and office processes by integrating the printers seamlessly.
  • Mobile solutions: Empower students and staff to also print from mobile devices,  amplifying the accessibility of the printers.

2. Security at the Source

Unlike a corporate office where physical traffic is controlled, schools are a much more dynamic environment. It’s impossible to control who is on campus, let alone keep track of everyone who is supposed to be there. In such an environment, the only viable solution for print security in a school involves security at the source. A managed print service provider can implement robust access control on a printer, ensuring that only students can print.

3. Print Tracking

Print tracking delivers valuable visibility into the print environment and is the first step towards tightening control over a printing fleet. A good managed service provider can install print tracking capable of handling the high traffic that school environments face. In many cases, tracking software can link directly to a student’s account. This enables administrators to see what gets printed, create a printing allotment, or even restrict printing access altogether.

4. Maximized Uptime

Downtime can cause stress and frustration levels to run high in an office – but at school, it can inspire chaos. A managed print service delivers supplies, maintenance, and automated monitoring to ensure that printers stay running and efficient.

5. Workflow Strategy

Having the right printers is only part of the challenge. Having them in the right places also plays a crucial role in creating an effective print environment. A managed print service provider experienced in providing printing infrastructure for campuses can develop physical layouts that streamline workflows, make printers accessible, and keep the entire fleet centralized for greater control.

Mac Copy Works With Schools in New York

When it comes to education technology, printers stand at the forefront. Like in commercial offices, printers also play a key role in a campus’s ability to operate. Whether in the library or the main office, having a reliable print fleet means the difference between smooth workflows or excessive stress.

There are many qualified and competent managed service providers out there, but they’re not all created equal. Mac Copy has over 28 years of experience providing managed print services to campuses at every level of education in New York. Deliver the best quality education by installing the best tools for the job. Mac Copy can help.

Start planning next fall’s printer fleet upgrade now. Start a conversation with Mac Copy to discuss the school’s options.

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