Manufacturing companies depend on printers for business-critical functions. With shipping, delivery, inventory, product orders, and more, these businesses are responsible for maintaining a detailed audit trail for every good stored. Therefore, these types of businesses commonly turn to managed print services, or MPS, to keep the associated costs of printing down. These costs include maintenance, supply replenishment, utility bills, and the salary paid to employees using inefficient processes. Additionally, many manufacturing companies are using the wrong equipment for their printing needs. Optimizing printing thorough MPS provides reduced costs, less waste, and increased output and productivity. Commercial printers from brands like Konica Minolta and Xerox are capable of high-output, high-quality prints on a variety of media. When combined with MPS, these printers unlock the true potential of manufacturing companies.

What Are Managed Print Services?

Managed print services help businesses in every industry optimize printer performance. With MPS, the entire document process is managed from end-to-end. Therefore, companies are able to streamline processes and ensure they get the best out of their business hardware. Before implementing managed print services benefits, the MPS provider assesses the company’s current printing operations. This includes a device location assessment, document workflows, and any security procedures implemented. Then, the provider examines employee printer usage to gain insight into how current processes work. When the analysis is complete, the MPS provider proposes any product and service offerings that will help the business reduce operational costs.

Managed print services include:

  • Remote monitoring of all Print/Scan/Copy/Fax devices and jobs
  • Supply (paper, toner) level monitoring for proactive restocking
  • Proactive maintenance and servicing schedule
  • Streamlined workflow for reduced processing costs

Tracking resources and print jobs using MPS provides benefits to manufacturing companies who properly implement it.

Managed Print Services Benefits

Modern manufacturing is in the midst of a digitization process called the Fourth Industrial Revolution (alternately, Industry 4.0). This process focuses on digitizing the already streamlined methods used in today’s computer-powered operations. Consequently, manufacturing equipment is being connected to the internet through sensors to enable connectivity for the Internet of Things. IoT and digital twins form the foundation of manufacturing’s future, and managed print services are a step in that direction. Below are a few of the main managed print services benefits for manufacturing companies that implement it.

Reduced Costs

Money is the bottom line in any business operation. Therefore, the reduced cost of managed print services is the number one reason people choose it. MPS proactively monitors printer supplies in real-time, providing a realistic overview for management. An assigned system number tracks all print jobs each employee runs. With both resources and jobs proactively monitored, businesses can reduce waste and avoid inventory issues caused by a lack of ink or paper.

Increased Speed and Efficiency

Managed print services help manufacturing companies become more efficient. Enterprise resource planning, bills of lading, and incoming orders are all mission-critical operations. Imagine a manufacturing company that can’t receive or process customer orders because a label or barcode printer is down. As a result, a $1,000 motherboard can’t be sold without a UPC label. Using MPS, benefits in expedited processing relieve obstacles from order fulfillment. Also, cloud-based app connectivity enables capabilities for remote work. This allows workers on the dock to communicate and work with the production floor and back office seamlessly.

Document Security

Managed print services provide a full audit trail and enable secure printing from any device, anywhere. Printers and other IoT devices are a weak link in any business’s cybersecurity policies. These devices often have embedded computers, so they’re capable of running both useful apps and harmful malware. Also, it’s not uncommon for employees to leave print jobs unattended. Mac Copy offers 24/7 remote monitoring, along with local technicians that work with businesses in person. This creates a secure environment (both digitally and physically) for document printing. Consultants then walk businesses through every step of document security to ensure everyone in the company is on board.

Manufacturing Companies Use MPS to Succeed

Modern manufacturing is quickly entering a new age of automation. The Fourth Industrial Revolution is bringing new ways to work faster and more efficiently. This Revolution started with going digital and gained speed with additive manufacturing. Now, IoT and AI are powering a new generation of manufacturing companies that can outperform low-cost overseas competition. Future-proofing today’s manufacturing companies is a team effort. Therefore, implementing managed print services that leverage the full computing power of existing equipment is a top priority. Using MPS, small manufacturers can compete with major players. It’s a whole new world of possibility that’s ripe for disruption.

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