Want to make an impression? Sometimes it’s better to go bigger. With a wide-format printer, an office has exactly what it needs to excite and impress an audience. Wide-format printing has traditionally been associated with print houses and graphic designers, reserved only for companies with the printing demands (and budget) to make it worth the costs. That left many companies outsourcing their wide-format print jobs to professional printers. However, this is no longer the case. Today, the technology has matured to make wide-format printing not just affordable, but accessible to professionals outside of particular industries. A company that finds itself frequently outsourcing its wide-format printing is a prime candidate for an in-house printer. Here’s what a wide-format printer delivers to an office, and the latest devices offered by the partners of Mac Copy.

What a Wide-Format Printer Delivers to an Office

A wide-format printer is any printer that prints on paper sizes larger than standard copier paper or 8.5 inches by 11 inches. Also called a large format printer, it tackles print jobs that simply aren’t practical or as visually impressive on a smaller sheet of paper. Wide-format printers are common in marketing, graphic design, engineering, and architectural firms. However, as the technology becomes more accessible, many companies are embracing wide-format due to the advantages that an in-house printer offers. Investing in a wide-format printer means:

More Printing Versatility

For companies with dynamic print demands, a wide-format printer can be just what the office needs. A wide-format printer can typically do everything that an office printer can do, but also has more advanced options. This makes it easier for an office to undertake both routine and specialized print jobs on the same device. Likewise, many wide-format printers come loaded with advanced finishing options or other capabilities for those few jobs that benefit from an ultra-professional touch.

Cost and Time Savings

Sending a print job off to a printer can be a slow process – unless a company pays a rush fee. Likewise, printers won’t always have time to send mockups or make minor changes to design before it’s printed. An in-house printer circumvents these problems by allowing an office to print its designs, blueprints, or presentation materials on demand.

More Control Over Print Jobs

Need drafts? Want the same job printed in several colors? Have variable data (like customer names and addresses)? Managing these details become significantly easier with an in-house wide format machine. Although professional printers are diligent, skilled professionals, plenty of room still exists for mistakes or miscommunications. In contrast, an in-house printer makes it easier for a company to maintain total control over its print jobs and their details.

Work With Mac Copy to Find a Quality Wide-Format Printer

There are many wide-format printer manufacturers on the market, and each offers an array of powerful, useful tools. The right printer depends on an office’s unique needs and environment. Mac Copy is thrilled to work with four industry leaders to deliver a wide selection of devices. Customers who work with Mac Copy’s specialists enjoy choosing between:


A staple of the modern office, HP offers a truly astounding array of hardware and software solutions. Their wide-format printers are powerful, intuitive, and versatile. Devices by HP work best when an office works with their hardware already, or the company will benefit from the enhanced versatility of these devices.


KIP is a global specialist in wide-format scanning and printing solutions. Enjoy diverse offerings ranging from color or monochrome, laser or inkjet wide-format printers. Professionals turning to wide-format printers to create the documents upon which their businesses rely will appreciate these powerful, high-quality, and cost-effective devices.


Canon has long been known for its commitment to accessible, affordable, and high-quality inkjet printing. Its latest line of wide-format printers takes advantage of this technology while delivering the expected printing power. Its wide-format printers are ideal for graphic designers, photographers, or other professionals seeking to leverage the manufacturer’s expertise in image printing.


Need precision and immaculate clarity? Choose Contex. They specialize in wide-format printers, especially for architects, engineers, and design firms. These ultra-reliable, high-performance devices eliminate guesswork created by unclear lines or text. Although other manufacturers can deliver precision and clarity, Contex is a best-in-class solution for best-in-class firms.

Go Bigger With a Wide-Format Printer From Mac Copy

In the market for a wide-format printer? The time has never been better. As this technology becomes more advanced, it also becomes more accessible. Almost any business with a serious interest in taking control of its print environment can invest in a printer with enhanced printing capabilities. However, the wide-format printer market is vast, and different devices are best suited to different offices. Before embarking on the quest to choose the perfect printer, connect with the experts at Mac Copy. Through extensive partnerships and deep industry insight, these specialists can guide any organization to the ideal device that meets their needs, goals, and space.

Ready to make an impression? Contact Mac Copy and get started shopping for a wide-format printer today.

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