The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the entire concept of how an effective office environment should function by fostering new dependence on a work-from-home staff. A completely remote work environment may not be possible — or even necessary. However, a hybrid office environment is proving to be a beneficial and achievable solution. In fact, more than half of global businesses have already shifted to accommodate at least a partially remote staff. And with advising bodies such as the World Economic Forum recommending an office occupancy of no more than 30% going forward, more businesses are seeing the benefits in a hybrid office environment where low-occupancy office spaces are balanced by remote working staff.

Basically, if businesses can get this model right it has promising benefits that extend beyond health and safety — including reducing the necessity and cost of office space, providing flexible working standards that can attract and retain higher quality employees, and giving businesses the ability to meet sustainability goals. To make a hybrid model work, however, businesses need to focus on essentials before they dive in. For example, technology is a key component of a strong hybrid office setup, allowing remote workers to easily collaborate and communicate with their counterparts working in the office. Getting the technology right before implementing a hybrid work model reduces frustration, helps employees adjust, and keeps businesses running smoothly through transition.

Must-Have Technology to Launch Your Hybrid Office

If your business wants to explore the advantages of a hybrid office, there are a few critical focus points. The top concerns are connectivity and digital tools, training, and equipment for your staff ahead of the switch. Smart businesses begin by using managed services to assess their infrastructure. Then, they implement strategies like print and document management to help streamline workflows and facilitate smoother communication among your workforce. Here’s how these tools can make a hybrid office environment more successful:

Print Management for the Hybrid Office

A hybrid office’s print management solution will be transparent to the end user while optimizing infrastructure across in-office and remote spaces without losing functionality. A strong print management program will unify the print environment. This gives all employees, at home or in-office, advanced capabilities while remaining user-friendly and working at capacity across operating systems. Print management will assure security and functionality through remote monitoring. It also provides necessary maintenance, support, and service to reduce downtime and keep productivity high.

Document Management for the Hybrid Office

Hybrid offices can also benefit from robust document management software that can allow employees remote access to documents. In a hybrid office, it is essential to easily archive, edit, share, and access information from anywhere, at any time. A document management solution allows for seamless access from a desktop, tablet, smartphone, or other authorized device. Document management ensures efficient collaboration, even when employees are geographically remote or in different time zones. Importantly, document management solutions target security and compliance, ensuring proper protection for your sensitive data.

Let Mac Copy Create the Perfect Hybrid Office Environment

As COVID-19 continues to impact the way business is conducted, more organizations are moving to a hybrid office environment. This shift helps protect their staff, reduce overall costs, and keep pace with their competition. At Mac Copy, provide the right infrastructure to fit both a traditional and a hybrid office work model. We also have experts standing by to design, deploy, and maintain state-of-the-art digital tools to help your hybrid office staff excel.

Our document and print management programs are custom designed to help our clients organize their information. Even with remote or on the go staff, our solutions keep hybrid offices running in a unified, cohesive way. From document capture, storage, and processing to workflow automation, secure printing, remote management, and automatic supply replenishment, we offer cutting-edge digital tools to support the modern office — and help your staff stay productive.

Get ready for the future of office work today. Contact a Mac Copy representative now and let our IT experts design the perfect digital environment for your hybrid office model.

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