The past year has been a challenging one for many businesses. Many have had to deal with declines in revenue and some have also had to grapple with increases in operating expenses due to the pandemic. That means every opportunity to reduce costs is especially important in today’s landscape. The average office employee uses 10,000 sheets of paper per year. A single ream of paper is 500 sheets. Do the math. What does a ream of paper cost? If each employee uses 20 reams per year, then how much is being spent on paper? More importantly, how much of that is absolutely necessary?

Reducing paper use in the office is an effective way to cut costs quickly. Plus, there is the added benefit of helping the environment. In addition, the increases in productivity can help the business grow and become more efficient while cutting costs and reducing waste at the same time.

Here are some proven methods to go paperless in 2021.

Adopt a Document Management System

Paper is the tried, tested, and true method of sharing documents that goes back to, well, the invention of paper. Before modern technology, there really was no other way to share information quite like paper. But things have changed. Today, many offices have a multifunction printer with scanning capabilities. Everyone has a device with internet connectivity. Add in smartphones and tablets to the usual arsenal of laptops and desktops and it’s not uncommon to see people with more than one connected device within reach.

All of these devices make sharing fast and simple. Instead of printing copies for people to carry around, damage, and lose; simply give everyone access to a robust document management system that allows them to access and share with the powerful devices they already use every day.

Organize and Catalog Existing Documents

Is there anything more frustrating than searching through piles of documents or sifting through folders to find a piece of paper? With cutting edge document management, those days are a thing of the past. Proper document organization makes it easy for employees to quickly find exactly what they’re looking for. Not only does this help improve employee efficiency but it also improves document security. File folders can be misplaced or lost while digital files can only be viewed by approved users on authorized devices. Efficiency and security is a beautiful combination.

Top-Down Change Management

Leaders are expected to lead. One of the most effective ways to implement a paperless workspace is to have leaders buy in first and have the rest of the team follow. Things like delivering meeting materials digitally to a shared document management folder, using digital documents for things like employee performance reviews, and finding other use cases can help leaders show to the team that they take going paperless seriously.

Being clear about the expectations and intentions behind going paperless can also be extremely helpful. Instead of directing orders, executives and managers can lead the way and explain why this change will help everyone in the business. Does increased profitability help those that may not be in leadership positions? Make other green initiatives like recycling a part of the overall change and build environmental efforts into the overall company culture.

Bottom-Up Buy In

Of course, the best way to see real change and save money when going paperless is to get all levels of the business to buy in to the change. While management can lead the way, the reality is that the several people under them are going to use far more paper as a whole and their efforts to commit to going paperless is what will really make a change.

Fun office contests with prizes to create competition and see who can adapt quickly can be a great way to help create change. Some businesses have seen success with team rewards for adopting paperless practices. After all, if lots of money is being saved on paper costs then perhaps a portion can be directed to a team lunch or party so everyone gets to share in the success.

Ultimately, people want to feel enabled to do the best job they can. With better document management and the ability to go paperless with better technology, employees will see the power of the changes being made.

Take the Paperless Leap Today

Going paperless can be a very effective way to save money, improve efficiency, and help businesses reach their environmental goals. Making the change doesn’t have to be challenging or frustrating. In fact, going paperless may be easier than many expect.

To learn more about saving paper, saving money, and building a more efficient workplace, contact the document management experts at Mac Copy today.

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