To say that the last year has been challenging for businesses would be a gross understatement. Businesses, their employees, and their loyal customers have had to face lockdowns, changing public health measures, and varying levels of regulations from state and local governments. And, while it has been difficult for businesses across the country, the safety of everyone that walks through the door is of the utmost importance.

It is generally expected that a return to normalcy should happen through the summer and fall. Of course, this all depends on a number of factors including herd immunity, vaccinations, and the prevalence of COVID-19 variants. Plus, it’s not like COVID-19 is the only health and safety concern faced by businesses. While it may be top of mind for everyone today, there are still a number of things all businesses need to address long after the pandemic is declared to be over.

Proper signage that’s easy to read, understand, and follow is one of the best tools at a businesses’ disposal when it comes to informing both customers and employees. Here’s how businesses can use wide format printing to produce signage that gets the message across.

Customize and Update as Needed

One of the main benefits of using wide format printers to produce signage is that businesses have the flexibility to update and customize their own signage whenever they need. During a pandemic, this can be handy as local rules or regulations change. However, even after this roller coaster ride of changing health measures comes to an end, there will always be a need for informative signage to keep people safe. Using floor decals to highlight areas where customers and/or employees should avoid is a simple but effective way to grab someone’s attention.

The quick turnaround time with the help of wide format printers also makes signage an effective way to communicate safety messages. New signage can quickly and easily be produced to meet the current needs of any business. This could be everything from a poster at the entrance for customers or signage for employees to inform them of new rules or policies in place.

Durable and Washable

Many people think of fixed signs or printed sheets of printer paper when they think of business signage. The reality is that wide format printers can work with a huge range of printing mediums to meet nearly any need. In a pandemic when businesses are focused on cleanliness and hygiene, having durable signage that can be washed like other surfaces is essential to maintaining the highest cleaning standards.

When applying decals or signage to a floor, durability is incredibly important. Not only will people be walking all over the floor signage but the signage must stand up to regular cleaning like any other area of the floor.

Conform to OSHA Regulations

Businesses have an obligation to keep employees informed of potential safety issues as well as their rights as workers. One of the most effective ways to do so is with clear signage. Not only does this keep employees up-to-date, but it can also help reduce potential workplace injuries, complaints, and even lawsuits. OSHA has a number of specific rules to follow when making signage and, as a business grows, the need for different types of signage may grow as well.

Not only can wide-format printers produce signage that meets the requirement laid out by OSHA, they allow business owners and managers to quickly implement required signage so as to avoid any violation that could lead to injuries or fines. The timeliness of this is obviously preferable to ordering pre-produced signage but the cost is also an important consideration. Ordering signage in small orders can prove to be costly as more and more signage is required during the life of the business.

Have Your Message Be Seen

Wide format printers from top manufacturers like HP, KIP, and Canon give businesses complete control over their own signage for both customers and employees. With a huge range of materials to print on, the possibilities for creating informative and eye-catching signage are practically limitless. From floor decals to window stickers to posters; wide format printers provide flexibility and cost control at the same time. No more outdated, weathered, worn, and faded signs.

To learn more about how wide format printers can help support the health and safety of everyone in your business, contact the printing experts at Mac Copy today.