Last year, the coronavirus pandemic demonstrated just how easily our health care system could be overwhelmed. While many of the issues were caused by exceeded hospital capacities, some problems stemmed from staff burnout and frustration with technology.

For example, electronic health records (EHRs) hold a wealth of critical information regarding patient status, diagnoses, and treatments. When these documents are unable to be shared or accidentally shared with the wrong individuals, it can cause a host of problems for a healthcare provider. If staff cannot print documents when they are needed, healthcare services can be delayed or denied. And, if sensitive patient data is distributed to unauthorized personnel, the healthcare provider can find themselves under scrutiny for violating one of many data privacy regulations.

Need a clearer snapshot of what can happen due to device downtime? The average cost of downtime is a whopping $5,600 per minute. And 98% of organizations report that just one hour of downtime is over $100,000. With the high costs of hospital overhead thrown in plus the possibilities of fines and litigation due to noncompliance with data privacy regulations, a malfunctioning print environment can be exceedingly costly and impact your prime directive — patient care.

Managed Print Services Can Rescue Overwhelmed Health Care Organizations

Whether your organization is experiencing printer downtimes or difficulty managing the printing of EHRs or other patient documentation, or is concerned about the security of patient data through the document lifecycle, managed print services (MPS) can help. Here’s how:

Predictive Maintenance for Increased Uptime

No one understands the importance of preventative care more than health care professionals. With preventative maintenance, your printer fleet can reduce costs and extend the life of your devices. An MPS program can remotely monitor your fleet and perform predictive maintenance that can catch and correct issues before they result in printer downtime.

Additionally, supplies will be automatically ordered and sent to the correct device when MPS detects a need — eliminating the need for administrative staff to deal with purchase orders, invoices, and storage of supplies.

Better Compliance and Data Security

Print management offers secure pull printing that reduces the possibility of unauthorized users getting control of your sensitive data. Before any document will release from the print queue and print a hard copy on your print device, an authorized user must input an authentication method at the machine. This strategy avoids the problematic issue of documents sitting in the nonsecure output tray.

Many MPS vendors can create system changes to allow your team to use their IC cards or other authentication methods already in use to log in to the printer to streamline processes and reduce the need for additional codes or cards.

Time and Cost Savings

Using authorization codes and cards can help hospitals track and allocate printing costs to the appropriate department to facilitate budget strategies and management. Additionally, analytics and reports can help target areas of printer waste and even abuse to help manage bottom line priorities. In addition, analytics can target device efficiency and optimize your fleet based on usage for additional cost savings.

Improved Collaboration with Care Team Members

Each patient typically has a number of nurses, doctors, and other health professionals on their care team. Print management allows these team members to collaborate on patient cases securely, ensuring better decision-making for a higher level of patient care.

Mac Copy is Your Source for Leading-Edge MPS

At Mac Copy, we work closely with our clients in the healthcare industry to streamline workflows, increase uptime, manage data security and more to help you manage patient care better — within your budgetary requirements.

A managed print program will improve your bottom line by identifying and eliminating printer waste, optimizing your fleet for maximum performance, and reducing or eliminating incidents of downtime. Of course, this helps you to better manage staff frustration and patient expectations — the perfect side effect of a well-run MPS program.

Finally, we ensure that your print infrastructure is compliant with all required data privacy regulations such as HIPAA, providing peace of mind as you continue to work towards your patient care goals.

Get the benefits of a secure MPS program today.  Contact a Mac Copy representative and learn how our MPS strategies can help your healthcare organization thrive.

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