Throughout the business world, small and large businesses alike widely use managed print services, and it’s no wonder why. Their benefits are well-known: cost savings, streamlined workflows, and the elimination of unnecessary printing. However, managed print services are also beneficial to companies seeking to bolster their document security. For companies that handle sensitive information, that represents a critical advantage.

New York is home to some 220,000 small businesses – 89 percent of them have fewer than 20 employees. For these companies, keeping the workplace secure and streamlined can mean the difference between survival and failure. For small companies, a managed print service does more than keep the printers running. They also keep the workplace secure. Small businesses – 98 percent of New York’s economy – are an ideal target for computer hackers. Here’s how managed print services make them less attractive by closing the greatest security weak point in an office: unsecured printers.

The State of Cybercrime Against Business

According to Verizon’s 2019 Data Breach Investigations Report, some 43 percent of all cyberattacks in 2019 targeted small businesses. Worse, the report found that half of all of those that experienced a successful breach folded within six months of the attack. Smaller companies represent an ideal target for cyber-attacks because they rarely, if ever, have a dedicated IT department or even staff member that oversees cybersecurity. Instead, it’s frequently the founder or the few key employees who set up an antivirus, put a strong password on the router, and call it good.

Unfortunately, the days of merely creating strong passwords and monitoring network traffic from behind a firewall are long gone. Cybersecurity is a sophisticated, multi-faceted field and it can be challenging to stay current with all the changing strategies. A startup or small business owner already has a task list that’s a mile long. This means that companies often put cybersecurity on the back-burner in favor of more pressing concerns. Hackers not only know, but they bank on it – and they’re usually right.

Why Managed Print Services Are Essential to a Cybersecurity Strategy

Managed print services do more than just help a company maximize its productivity and simplify its print environment. They’re also indispensable to companies seeking to enhance their cybersecurity strategy. There are three primary reasons why:

Printers Are a Weak Point for Access to the Network

Printers access the network the same way that the office computers do. Like computers, the average modern printer consists of a hard drive, CPU, and firmware. That means it can:

  • Store sensitive data: Print jobs that pass across the printer may be logged or stored on the hard drive.
  • Contract malware or viruses: The firmware which allows the printer to run may be compromised.
  • Give hackers access to the network: Kaspersky has recorded instances of hackers using a printer to gain access to more valuable parts of the network.

A managed print service is ready to handle all of this. They can install an antivirus, segment the network, or deploy security certificates to keep the printer network safe.

Document Security Requires Secure Printers

Organizations typically know how to manage sensitive documents correctly and store them securely. But often, less thought goes into security when printing or copying. An incorrectly configured hard drive on a printer may store sensitive information without the company’s knowledge. That undermines any strategies a company has implemented to secure its data. Managed print services ensure that this doesn’t happen. By securing the printers both at the source (such as with a pin or passcode) and on the network, a company can enjoy a truly secure document environment.

An MPS Makes Achieving Compliance Easy

Compliance regulations are designed to safeguard sensitive information, such as patient medical records or financial data. A company’s size or status as a startup doesn’t excuse it from compliance requirements. Likewise, a company may not be aware of compliance requirements for handling the storage or copying of data, but ignorance isn’t an excuse. Businesses in the legal, healthcare or financial industries will find a managed print service provider especially valuable. By working with a specialist that knows the company’s industry, a business has solutions that are not just effective and secure but also compliant.

Mac Copy Helps New York Businesses Thrive

Hiring a managed print service provider isn’t just smart from an efficiency perspective. It’s also a viable strategy to enhance a company’s document security. By securing the printers, a company closes one of the biggest security blind spots in their office that cybercriminals are keen to exploit – the printers. In New York’s thriving business ecosystem, competition is fierce. A single mishap – such as a successful data breach – can spell disaster. Avoid this fate and stay productive by working with one of the most experienced managed print services providers in New York.

Mac Copy is thrilled to help small businesses in New York succeed. Start a conversation now about what it takes to secure an office printer.

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