Healthcare providers and health insurers are the heroes in our current COVID-19 landscape as they respond to the continuing public emergency and challenges caused by the ongoing crisis. And yet, many of these organizations are facing unprecedented fiscal pressure as they continue to assist in saving lives and preventing the further spread of the virus while offering the same level of care we have come to expect.

Amid a record $202.6 billion in losses, America’s health systems are looking to strategize. They seek to improve their operations, reduce expenditures, and keep running at full capacity while offsetting the increased costs precipitated by the pandemic. But lost revenue and cost increases are not the only consideration for health care providers and insurance companies. Any data they process must be held to strict compliance regulations that govern data privacy and protection such as the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health (HITECH), and others.

Konica Minolta — Helping Healthcare Providers with Cost-Effective Solutions

Document security is a critical need for health insurers, benefit administrators, and healthcare providers. To answer this need, Konica Minolta developed the innovative bizhub Series of multifunction printers. Tailor-made for the healthcare environment where secure printing, scanning and faxing is a necessary standard, the bizhub Series provides industry-leading security coupled with intuitive interfaces for ease of use. And, healthcare organizations reduce the per capita care cost while keeping standards of care high.

Healthcare-Specific MFPs for Increased Compliance

Konica Minolta protects patient confidentiality and safeguards “transitions of care” to improve the patient care experience, reduce costs, and minimize the possibility of errors. Specifically, these device are targeted to help healthcare operations comply with HIPAA and HITECH standards while maximizing efficiency and functionality.

The Power of bizhub SECURE Healthcare

bizhub SECURE Healthcare provides healthcare environments with enhanced data security measures to safeguard electronic protected health information (ePHI). Konica Minolta supports the compliance needs of hospitals and healthcare operating using tools such as:

  • 20-digit alphanumeric passwords to lock down the bizhub hard disk drive
  • Hard drive content encryption for better data security
  • The ability to disable non secure services, ports, and protocols
  • SSL enablement on the multifunction printer (MFP)
  • The ability to create a timed auto-delete. Securely and automatically remove data in public or personal User boxes, Document and Folders, or System User Boxes

These and other features help secure data during electronic exchange of clinical information and documents.

Secure Document Exchange at Your MFP

To help healthcare organizations find better, more secure ways to handle clinical data, Konica Minolta has developed the Kno2 Clinical Document Exchange.

  • Using direct messaging through the bizhub, clinicians, doctors, and administrators can now:
  • Provide secure data exchange in the extended care environment, even without an electronic medical record (EMR)
  • Further secure current EMR-based direct messaging
  • Transform disorganized files, paperwork, and faxes into structured documentation to work with current EMR systems more easily

Importantly, these MFPs and printers have passed strict certification standards to be authorized for use by healthcare environments by the Cerner Corporation, a strategic innovator in health care and information technology.

Mac Copy Partners with Konica Minolta to Bring Security and Efficiency to Your Healthcare-Oriented Business

We understand the challenges facing the healthcare industry — and associated industries — as they continue to fight the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. In an effort to provide the most targeted equipment for our healthcare heroes, Mac Copy has partnered with Konica Minolta. Konica is an industry leader in print and imaging, and an innovator when it comes to healthcare-specific challenges. Their bizhub series includes a MFP that directly addresses current healthcare pain points, including compliance, cost-control, and efficiency. And, the company prides itself on industry activism that directly support healthcare providers. For example, they are corporate members of the Healthcare Information Management Systems Society (HIMSS) at the Diamond level, and continue to take an active role in supporting key organizations in the industry.

Is your healthcare agency ready for a higher level of security and better patient experience, while still reducing costs? Contact a Mac Copy representative now and discover how the bizhub Series by Konica Minolta can support — and enhance — these goals.

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