As our elderly population grows, there is a need for better healthcare and care standards for all older Americans. In fact, 20% of the American population will be over 65 by 2030, forcing the need for more patient-centered care and outcomes. To accomplish this task, there must be a redesign of long-term services such as nursing care facilities and an adequately prepared work force must be considered in the quest for improved care and quality of life for older Americans.

One of the centerpieces of patient care in a nursing home setting is the electronic health record (EHR). However, some research has shown that instead of improving care, improper handling of EHRs can actually hinder care in nursing home settings.

Fortunately, the same research also reveals simple ways that EHRs can be improved to facilitate a greater level of care. One tool that nursing homes can use to achieve higher care standards using EHRs is the application of a document management system.

The Benefits Document Management Systems for Nursing Homes

Nursing home staff often must make important care decisions for the patients in their facility. Those with access to information shared via EHR can often make better clinical decisions by having important data regarding each patient’s specific case close at hand.

A patient record, even for those patients on a short-term stay at a nursing home, can number in the hundreds of pages — a fact that makes it very hard to sift through critical information when reviewing changes to a patient’s care plan. EHRs simplify that data, and a strong document management system (DMS), like Konica Minolta’s Enterprise Content Management Services, can further refine EHR information to make it more searchable. This improves staff accessibility for fast, competent decision making that leads to a higher quality of care.

Fast, Efficient Searches

A DMS can ensure that nursing staff can quickly and easily find the information they need when they need it. Having records instantly available is critical for both emergency situations, and to keep staff returning from leave or new hires up to date on a patient’s evolving health situation. Additionally, a DMS can be configured to analyze data and prepare reports highlighting relevant information and trends within the care facility.

Smart Archival

Storing paper records and other documents is laborious and fraught with error. It also takes up valuable floor space, and can violate HIPAA rules and other data privacy regulations. An electronic record, however needs no physical space for storage. Additionally, a smart DMS helps store documents for easy look-up and retrieval by using keywords, key phrases, and any number of designations.

Security and Compliance

Security and privacy are a hallmark of concerned care, and healthcare facilities must comply with numerous data privacy regulations. A DMS ensures that private patient information is retrieved only by authorized personnel, and that audit trails can be easily generated and followed to establish strict security protocols.

Improved Collaboration

In nursing homes, each patient typically has several nurses, doctors, and technicians on their care team. A DMS makes it simple for this team of professionals to communicate new or evolving information regarding their patients and collaborate more easily to modify their care plan for improved quality of care.

Trust Mac Copy for Reliable, Efficient Document Management

At Mac Copy, we work with our healthcare clients to bring optimized efficiency to their organization through streamlined workflows, safer and more efficient document management, and improved security and disaster recovery.

By allowing our clients to get the full benefit of patient data — from analysis and collaboration to storage and archival — we provide a cost-effective, easy-to-use way for healthcare organizations to shift their focus from administrative burdens to targeted patient care scenarios. Our DMS’ feature top-notch security to keep sensitive data safe — and your organization compliant with all pertinent regulations. Additionally, we help your organization establish a robust disaster recovery plan. This ensures that patient records are accessible — even in the event of data breach, loss, or natural disaster — so you can provide unbroken, reliable patient care.

Give your patients a better quality of care.  Contact a Mac Copy representative today and learn how our document management systems can revolutionize your nursing home facility.

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