New York has long been regarded as a hub for small businesses with progressive policies that benefit them. Companies with under 100 employees make up 98 percent of New York’s business environment, creating a dynamic and lively ecosystem where companies thrive. However, this environment also makes competition fierce. To remain viable, companies need every advantage they can get, such as topnotch talent, innovative products, and the right office equipment. That means reliable computers, ergonomic chairs, and, yes – the multifunction printer. Printers constitute the backbone of most offices, supporting all of the critical processes that drive business success. A multifunction printer is a particularly valuable piece of office equipment, as it empowers companies to perform several document processes conveniently from one device.

Are you thinking about investing in a multifunction printer? It’s a smart move. Here’s why.

Stay Competitive by Reducing Overhead

Today’s business world is all about reducing overhead. That means analyzing operating expenses and looking for ways to chip away at them without sacrificing quality. Office expenses are one of the first places that companies turn when considering how to reduce their overhead. As printing represents a major expense, companies often seek out strategies to mitigate these expenses. In the process, they often find themselves adopting new document processes that improve their ability to be competitive. For example, they may:

  • Transition to electronic documents: Electronic documents are cheaper, faster, and more reliable than paper-based processes. This makes it easier to communicate with customers and move information where it needs to be rapidly.
  • Implement sustainability initiatives: Switching to remanufactured cartridges or recycled paper is often more cost-effective and aligns with customer expectations for today’s businesses.

Multifunction printers, also called all-in-one printers, support both of these options. By bundling printing, scanning, photocopying, faxing into one device, an office does more with less – less toner, less paper, and fewer devices humming away in the background.

Control, Streamline, and Amplify Productivity

A multifunction printer is a high-impact device that lets an office centralize its print environment. That has tremendous advantages when it comes to efficiency and print environment visibility. Printing is notoriously tricky to track and control because it’s a fundamental office process that’s almost always occurring during a typical workday. However, that means businesses have no idea how much they print – or how much they spend on printing. In contrast, centralizing a print environment with a single machine goes a long way to alleviating the lack of visibility. Likewise, it makes it easier to:

  • Implement print management software: Most multifunction printers, such as those by Xerox, include integration capabilities for print management software. This empowers companies to introduce features like password access and to oversee specific jobs that get printed on devices.
  • Keep documents safe: Printers frequently represent a weak spot in a company’s network security strategy. A properly configured MFP avoids a preventable breach.
  • Simplify document processes: An excellent multifunction printer makes it easier for staff to get their hands on the paperwork they need quickly and easily.
  • Leverage productivity apps: Multifunction printers are designed to be the cornerstone of office productivity, and they frequently take full advantage of their digital, internet-connected natures. Employees can leverage apps that allow printers to integrate with other office processes, driving productivity to new heights.

Deliver a Superior Customer Experience

Customer service is an incredibly important part of any business. It’s not enough to simply have a superior product or service – customers want to feel good about doing business with a company as well. As a result, companies now place an increased emphasis on the experience they create for their customers. The printing solutions that a company chooses to use can have a tremendous impact on its ability to deliver a superior customer experience. A reliable multifunction printer means:

  • Information gets into the hands of customers – or the right employees – faster.
  • Chances for errors are mitigated due to things like optical character recognition for forms.
  • Faster processing for applications, paperwork, or other critical documents.
  • The company delivers material that is professionally printed.
  • Customer data remains secure as a result of the rich security features present on modern printers.

Mac Copy Empowers New York Companies with the Perfect Multifunction Printer

A good multifunction printer can mean the difference between the ability to seize a market opportunity or floundering in confusion and jumbled paperwork. For companies in New York’s thriving business sector, any competitive advantage is valuable. It’s very worthwhile to support office processes with the right technology. Empowered with the right tools, employees can work quickly and with fewer errors to deliver the best possible service or experience to customers. Likewise, a company can reduce overhead, driving down the bottom-line – savings that they can then pass on to customers. The right printer is a win-win solution for companies and their customers, so make sure to choose wisely.

Mac Copy guides New York companies to select the best fit technology for their offices. Start a conversation now about what a multifunction printer can do.

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