The trusted office printer is one of the pieces of technology that often gets forgotten. It does its job with little to no fanfare or celebration. But as soon as a printer reaches the end of its life, an office can come to a grinding halt. When it’s time to upgrade the office workhorse, many businesses are turning to the Bizhub line of printers from Konica Minolta. This line of multifunction printers, or MFP, are leading the industry when it comes to security, innovation, and features. With a range of devices to meet the needs of almost any office, Konica Minolta has a truly winning lineup that’s ready to change the way people think about the traditional office printer.

A World of Innovation

A printer is just a printer, right? That sentiment couldn’t be further from the truth. Printer technology is rapidly adapting to meet the changing needs of businesses, and Konica Minolta is on the leading edge of MFP development. Bizhub is the next generation business printer that redefines the expectations of what a printer should be.

It all begins with the colorful 10-inch tablet-style touchscreen that makes a Bizhub an incredibly user-friendly MFP. The stylish design can tilt to fit a range of comfortable viewing angles and makes monitoring the status of a job or selecting a new job simple and intuitive. Operating the device feels much like using the smartphones or tablets everyone is already familiar with.

Of course, a printer is only great when it’s working. Thanks to Konica Minolta’s vCare solution, there is significan reduction of printer downtime. Data is discreetly collected as the printer completes jobs to help predict when maintenance is required or replacement parts need to be ordered, then alert users before a problem arises.

Bizhub also helps businesses reduce their environmental footprint with intelligent eco features. All consumable parts use less materials and offer longer lifecycles than ever before. Smart features also help to reduce power consumption and use less heat for toner. Not only does this help create a greener future, it can mean more green in the bank account at the end of the month.

Industry Leading Security

Cybersecurity is quickly becoming a major concern for businesses of all sizes around the world. With more people working digitally since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, cybersecurity incidents saw a sharp rise in 2020. Modern printer features enable users to work from almost anywhere using a wide range of devices including computers, smartphones, and tablets. However, each connected device can also pose a security threat.

With BitDefender antivirus available, Bizhub can scan all transmitted data to stop viruses in real-time without interrupting workflows. Not only does this protect data being sent or received, it also ensures encrypted protection of data stored within the MFP for full security and peace of mind. The Bizhub SECURE notifier app takes security even further to verify that settings remain unchanged and adhere to company policies. If a setting is changed, the notifier app can immediately alert users about an unauthorized change. This allows rapid investigation and rectifying of the incident. When it comes to printer features, security is among the most important and Bizhub takes security seriously.

Work Fast and Efficiently

Bizhub printers come equipped with a blazing fast 256GB SSD. This allows for the rapid storage and access of data that is many times faster than a traditional hard drive which is typically found in a MFP. The experience is smoother with less waiting time. Once a job begins, the powerful quad-core CPU goes to work, processing data quickly and intelligently distributing tasks. From a user standpoint, this leads to faster operating times and much less time standing around waiting for the printer to catch up to the user inputs.

Plus, Dispatcher Suite takes document management to the next level. This suite brings enterprise level print and scan management capabilities to businesses of all sizes. This can help reduce print and scan costs over time. In addition, the intelligent software and automatically route documents to cloud storage, include recipients, customize print jobs, and even index documents. Smart workflows mean more efficiency which makes Bizhub a trusted partner in any office.

Experience Better Printing

A device packed with essential, groundbreaking printer features that can meet the needs of any business; that’s what Bizhub is all about. For businesses big and small, Konica Minolta has a line of multifunction printers to satisfy all needs. From security, to workflow management, to energy efficiency, Konica Minolta and Mac Copy have your solution!

To learn more about this incredible line of printers and to find the right one for your business, contact the print experts at Mac Copy today.

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