Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, a lot of businesses and their employees have moved to a work from home model. While this trend really picked up as the pandemic took hold, it has been slowly gaining steam over the years. With many people enjoying the many benefits of working from home, some of the serious challenges of this modern way of working have gone overlooked.

Perhaps the most serious risk for businesses as working habits and technology continues to change is the risk of data security and cybersecurity. With more work locations, more devices, and new workflows; sensitive business data is increasingly at risk. Hackers are seemingly aware of this opportunity as cybersecurity incidents increased over 350% in 2020.

Luckily, there are a number of cybersecurity trends in 2021 that can help businesses and their employees better protect data and avoid costly data breaches that can affect customer information, reduce trust in the business, and bring work to a grinding halt.

Better Document Security Solutions

With so many devices out in the world that businesses are using, there are a lot of points where digital security can be compromised. Document management and security facilitates the smooth operation of the business and keeps sensitive information from those who should not have access.

In the modern world with so many working remote, document management is a challenge as well as an opportunity. With cloud-based solutions, employees can access and share important documents no matter where they are. However, hackers also have more opportunity to gain access to these documents.

With improved document management practices, businesses can improve productivity while protecting their most important information. This can include everything from hard drive lock passwords on multifunction printers, automatic deletion of temporary image data, and more.

Stop Cybersecurity Incidents Before They Begin

Prevention is the key to digital security. Stopping a major breach in its tracks is one of the most effective security solutions. Bitdefender is the top cybersecurity solution for businesses. Like many other cybersecurity solutions, Bitdefender protects users and their devices against malware. However, it’s the additional layers of security that sets Bitdefender above the rest.

Phishing scams and ransomware attacks have grown rapidly in popularity. Ransomware, in particular, has grown rapidly with a 700% increase in 2020. These attacks encrypt important data and demand a ransom payment in cryptocurrency to have the data released. Individuals, businesses, hospitals, and even local governments have fallen victim to ransomware attacks. These attacks are disruptive, and can cost millions of dollars in some of the most severe cases.

With Bitdefender protection, businesses can add a layer of security to prevent these types of hacks before the damage is done. This can include scanning emails and files before being downloaded to help assist staff with identifying legitimate emails from potentially dangerous ones.

Remote Device Management

The days of having the IT manager stop by each individual working in their office are quickly becoming a thing of the past. This makes it a challenge to adequately ensure every device is fully up-to-date which is one of the most important steps in cybersecurity. It can also make troubleshooting device issues a challenge.

With remote device management from Paragon, IT managers have the ability to remotely monitor and access up to 100 devices. Not only does this enable remote workers to seamlessly continue working productively, it also makes IT professionals more efficient. No more physical attachment to each unique device required.

Planning for Disaster

All good security solutions include a back up plan for when things go wrong. In a perfect world, all preventative efforts would stop any data breaches or cybersecurity incidents. However, even with all the right policies and procedures, the unthinkable can still happen. With a good disaster recovery plan in place, businesses can feel confident they are prepared for the worst-case scenario.

Disaster recovery allows businesses to quickly bounce back from a cybersecurity incident and reduce downtime. This means that a “clean” backup is always on hand, with a plan to roll back to the clean version in the event of a hack. For example, if a ransomware hack were to occur, the company could avoid paying the ransom to decrypt the data. Instead, they would roll back to the last backup available and resume work without too much lost time, and no ransom payments made.

Embracing Cybersecurity Trends for 2021

From digital security to document management, there are a number of trends in 2021 to help businesses and their employees. Mac Copy can help you improve productivity without sacrificing security.

To learn more about the solutions available and how to implement them, contact Mac Copy today.

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