Architects have distinct needs when it comes to printing. These professionals operate in demanding environments where precision and clarity of detail are not optional. However, finding a printer that satisfies such requirements without breaking the budget can prove equally challenging. Shopping for a wide format laser printer can be made significantly easier with the help of experts in the printing industry. There are many reputable manufacturers out there that offer best-in-class wide format printing options for architects and similar professionals. Read on to discover the leading brands available to architectural firms in New York.

The Leaders of Wide Format Printing for Architectural Firms

The best printer for architects needs to deliver on a variety of fronts. Not only are things like crystalline legibility critical, but the documents that architects will print on such devices will face exposure to less than ideal work environments. Therefore, having access to advanced finishing options, lamination, and flexibility with printing surfaces is vital. Fortunately, many of the leading printer manufacturers offer exactly what architects need. When shopping for a large format printer, consider these brands:


HP is a giant in printing technology, and for a very good reason. It’s from this company that many of the most innovative – yet accessible – devices come. For architects, HP delivers top quality monochrome and color wide format printing. Whether for producing CAD designs or presentations designed to impress, HP helps keep costs down with durable inks, quicker printing, and a smaller physical footprint. HP offers two lines of wide-format printers that are ideal for architects and engineers. Consider:

  • Z9 Series. Enjoy impressive visuals printed rapidly on paper sizes up to 24 inches by 66 inches. The Z9 series is ideal for firms that want beautiful, ultra-legible prints no matter their use or application. Like a true wide-format printer, these printers use rolls rather than cut sheets to provide maximum flexibility with paper dimensions.
  • DesignJet. Firms that need something more than simply beautiful graphics may opt for the DesignJet suite. DesignJet is ideal for environments where the printer is indeed a cornerstone of productivity. These powerful printers are built for the construction industry and leverage the latest workflow integration solutions to keep projects on track.


KIP specializes in wide-format printing technologies and is a world leader in the industry. Manufacturing both monochrome and color models, they’re a solid choice for firms that know exactly what they want. Construction, architectural, and engineering firms should consider:

  • 600 Series. The 600 Series is a compact, efficient device that emphasizes precision imaging and print durability. Using Contact Control Technology, these printers offer some of the closest color matching capabilities and precision quality ever created. Turn to the 600 Series for reliable wide-format printing that will get those blueprints and schematics done right the first time.
  • 71 Series. For offices with demanding print environments, the 71 Series delivers. These devices are quick, conservative in their ink usage, and also introduce multifunction capabilities to make them ultra-versatile. Choose the KIP 71 Series for an office that needs to maximize the impact of a single printer across its many processes.


Canon’s wide-format printers have won awards around the world every year for the last 31 years. With its imagePROGRAF technology, these printers are aimed explicitly at audiences with high-volume CAD printing requirements. Its proprietary 5-color LUCIA TD Pigment ink system ensures a bleed-resistant, water-resistant, ultra-dense black that defies industry standards. For architectural printing, consider:

  • TX Series. The TX Series was designed with blueprints in mind. Capable of delivering super clear details and hyper-efficient ink usage, they’re what the most reliable professionals choose. Canon has also made sure these wide-format printers are among the most secure on the market, loading them with numerous features to keep trade secrets and designs safe.
  • Pro Series. For companies that want more than the efficiency of the TX Series, the Pro Series takes the visual quality up a notch. Get everything that the TX Series offer with the advantage of portrait-quality prints done in durable inks that will stand up to the rigors of the industrial environment.

Mac Copy Helps New York Architects Get the Tools They Need

Architects need the right tools for the job, and that includes their printers. There are many options on the market today, each offering a variety of capabilities. However, it can be challenging to select the right wide format laser printer. Fortunately, professionals in New York have an experienced dealer available to guide them in their search. When business success depends on the ability to print ultra-high-quality large format documents, don’t leave it to chance. Get the tools needed the first time around, from a professional that understands an architect’s unique needs.

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