Downtime. It’s the bane of the modern office, even more so now that companies are scrambling to find ways to offset productivity challenges posed by the recent pandemic. Companies are trying to keep work levels high with fewer employees. The last thing they need are for productivity to stall out due to network or printer downtime. Companies who want to optimize their printer fleets; reduce the time their (greatly reduced) in-house IT teams spends supporting, maintaining, or troubleshooting printers; and streamline business processes need a strategic approach that saves money and time. That approach is best achieved using a competent managed print services (MPS) provider who will assess print infrastructure to establish a total ownership cost, listen to customer needs and goals, and work to develop a print environment that can achieve productivity and business objectives.

Using Managed Print Services to Improve Business Processes

Printer downtime takes a big toll on productivity — and your bottom line. Studies conducted on the nature of interruptions such as downtime show that every event costs your staff 23 minutes of productivity. When you consider there are an average of 238 minutes worth of interruptions in a business day and stress and fatigue due to these interruptions factors into lost time, your employees can well be losing 6.2 hour every day and up to 31 hours a week to interruptions.

If you want to get a more accurate cost, you use the following to develop a formula:

  • Staff cost per hour (idle time cost)
  • Average revenue per hour (revenue spent managing a broken printer)
  • Staff affected by downtime (staff unable to work)
  • Revenue affected by downtime (revenue lost due to broken equipment)

No matter how you view it, downtime is costly. And, if you use a managed print services (MPS) provider to manage your printer fleet, it’s also largely unnecessary.

Preventative Maintenance

Your MPS provider will prescribe a routine maintenance program and provide a team of experienced IT professionals. Our technicians ensure timely and effective maintenance, letting your staff focus on daily tasks or more high-level objectives. Relying on outsourced IT also relieves your in-house IT team to concentrate on issues that can help your company move its technology forward faster for even greater productivity — and revenue — gains.

Expert Troubleshooting

Sometimes things happen, even to the most meticulously maintained equipment. That is where having a team of IT experts standing by is invaluable. With MPS, you have support to immediately access, evaluate, troubleshoot, and correct any printer malfunction. Your MPS team will provide help desk, troubleshooting, or on-site services as needed to ensure your printers are functioning at optimal capacity and your staff is able to complete necessary tasks without delay.

Auto Replenishment of Supplies

Another productivity stealer is printer downtime due to supply mismanagement. Not having the supplies you need on hand can cause work stoppages and contribute to staff frustration. An MPS program ensures automatic supply ordering when paper, ink, and toner levels hit a certain range. This assures your staff that they will never have to halt a project in progress to wait for supplies..

Mac Copy — Your Managed Print Professionals

Downtime is all about costs. At MacCopy, our team of print professionals understand the impact of print costs on the business environment. Because of this, we have developed proven strategies to curtail them so your business can operate more successfully. These costs are not limited to simple downtime prevention, either.

Our managed print program begins with an in-depth assessment of your current print infrastructure to identify and target under- or overutilized devices. Once your print devices are optimized, we scan the environment for other areas taking a toll on your bottom line. We deploy technologies to manage print waste, curtail over-purchasing and stockpiling of supplies and help you develop cost-saving print policies. Finally, we stand by our work. Once your new print environment is in place, our team will monitor, report, and maintain your infrastructure on a 24/7 basis to give you transparency, security, and peace of mind.

Discover the reliability and cost-effectiveness of a robust managed print services program. Contact a Mac Copy representative today and learn how to reduce printer downtime, save money on supplies, and keep your staff more productive. Follow us on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter to stay up to date on all our latest blog posts.